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[audio]playing with voice
sondings of voice manipulated in pure data
Keywords: pure data
Downloads: 34
[audio]Examples: Pure Data organ - Dani Kintopp
Simple Pure Data organs
Keywords: Pure Data
Downloads: 128
[audio]Noisecast April 20, 2008 (4:00) - Luke Noonan
An audio sample of a Pure Data patch. The patch uses 10 oscillators the input is a stream of numbers the pitches change based on how the input value relates to various prime numbers.
Keywords: Pure Data; noisecast; fecr
Downloads: 73
[audio]Automatical spaceconditioned music - Dani Kintopp
Example of music automatically created with a Pure Data patch, created during Summerlab 09 at Gijón.
Keywords: Pure Data; Automatical; Music
Downloads: 182
[audio]dim-sum netpd test - low noise amplifire
my first netpd track.
Keywords: netpd pure data
Downloads: 99
[texts]HackLab - Oficina Jarbas - Felipe André
Este patch faz a luz de uma lanterna controlar a frequência de um ocilador. X controla frequência e Y controla volume.
Keywords: luz; som; pure data
Downloads: 30
[audio]dim-sum netpd test
first netpd track (bon-kilodrum, sumsum and daisy)
Keywords: pure data netpd
Downloads: 82
[movies]()number_complex - Seed_sy
ASCII and feed back filters, made with Pure Data & Pure Data Packet. Inspired by ()Hole Complex Theory taken from the book 'Complicity with Anonymous Materials' by Reza Negarestani. "()Hole complex attests to the confusion between solid and void. Every activity happening on the solid part increases the degree of convolution and entanglement on the holey side of the composition..." -Reza Negarestan
Keywords: Pure Data; Noise; ASCII
Downloads: 58
[movies]20141121 Edmonton Dorkbot - Raimundo Gonzales, Simeon Blimke, Abram Hindle
dorkbot #3.2014 tomorrow!  Friday, Nov. 21, 5-7 PM.  Fine Arts Building 2-7, University of Alberta, North CampusPresenters:Raimundo Gonzales:  A demonstration of gesture tracking technologies in the context of creating and performing experimental sound art.Simeon Blimke: An E-Z method for cloning “Minecraft” (video game) in open source software, for seriously musical reasons.Come one come all!  It’s FREE!
Keywords: pure-data; art; music
Downloads: 12
[audio]Livecoding 2008 - ClaudiusMaximus
A few livecoding sessions with Pure-data in 2008. Short live performance in London, UK (18mins) Heavier sounds (recorded with no audience) (58mins) Mellower sounds (recorded with no audience) (51mins) Live set broadcast on an internet radio (58 mins)
Keywords: Electronica; Livecoding; Pure-data
Downloads: 114
[movies]Puzzle 1 - ClaudiusMaximus
A meditation on futility, taking the form of an endless fractal puzzle.
Keywords: Fractal; Puzzle; Pure-data
Downloads: 308
[audio]Old Rehearsals - ClaudiusMaximus
Some old rehearsal sessions.
Keywords: Music; Pure-data; Techno
Downloads: 8
[audio]Sarek - Philip Mill
Noise/Ambient/Electronic made in Pure Data.
Keywords: Pure data; Noise; Soundscape
Downloads: 26
[audio]Tangent - Shortwave Poltergeist [pmc061] - Tangent
See the Postmoderncore page for this album for information.
Keywords: Avantgarde; Pure Data; Improvisation
Downloads: 358
[audio]Léos Ator - Larves Bleues - Léos Ator
Léos Ator Larves Bleues larve bleue 1 (22'16) larve bleue 2 (17'09) programming pure data: Léos Ator Je remercie Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Josep M Jordana, Anita Serrano et Ferran Cuadras pour leur soutien et leurs critiques. Hazard records CD057 public domain
Keywords: pure data; drones
Downloads: 423
[etree]Alessandra 7351 (live at the Attic) - 0xA
Alessandra 7351 is a quadraphonic sound performance based on the data collected by one of the four oldest Italian Automatic Weather Station (AWS), Alessandra, that is located at Cape King along the coast of Victoria Land, a region of Antarctica. The performance relies on three components: - The software, a Pure Data patch, is the âinstrument.â - The AWS data (time, the atmospheric pressure, the temperature, the relative humidity, the wind speed and direction, and the solar radiation) is the â...
Keywords: electronic; pure data; antarctica
Downloads: 6,223 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]0xA - expr~ [GOSUB10-004] - 0xA
expr~ is the first music release of 0xA, consists of retro sounding tracks made almost entirely with the [expr~] object in Pure Data. No tweaking of number boxes and sliders, no clever generative algorithms, just switch the audio on and listen. The source code for this release (implemented in Pure-Data) is free software distributable under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 3 or greater)...
Keywords: Electronic; Pure Data
Downloads: 1,699
[audio]Healing of Krasnals - Roman Bromboszcz
Zbledniałe krasnale puchną w kadzi pełnej pieniążków ze świętego miejsca. Utwór w oparciu o Pure Data oraz pętlę zwrotną adresu IP w protokole TCP/ICP.
Keywords: Pure Data; IP; autofeedback; healing
Downloads: 141
[audio]Preludia - KALeKA, Roman Bromboszcz, Tomasz Misiak
Tracks attributed to one computer session in May of 2010 in Poznan, Poland.
Keywords: Pure Data; Flash; synthesizers; automata
Downloads: 93
[audio]Retrogression - Jennifer Vallis
A sound piece using the programs Pure Data, Cubase and Ableton Live.
Keywords: Pure Data; Cubase; Ableton Live
Downloads: 44
[audio]squeakyshoecore - chr15m (Chris McCormick)
Algorithmic acid by chr15m (Chris Mccormick), created with Garage Acid Lab, in Pure Data.
Keywords: algorithmic; acid; Pd; pure data
Downloads: 4,321 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]golf-ep - martin brinkmann
experimental ambient/downtempo tracks from 2008
Keywords: electronica; ambient; experimental; pure data
Downloads: 280
[audio]reinvent-ep - martin brinkmann
some experimental ambient tracks from 07/08, made entirely with puredata
Keywords: electronica; ambient; experimental; pure data
Downloads: 417
[audio][AZRecs_08] PDO3 @ PlanoB
[AZRecs_08] PDO3 @ PlanoB INFO: Gravação/Recordings: Fernando Torres Masterização/Mastering: Paulo Casaes 15/05/2010 - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil Contact: LICENSE: CreativeCommons_attribution-noncommercial-share alike. Rio de Janeiro/2009/ PDO Felipe Norkus
Negale Jones 
Paulo Casaes Vanessa De Michelis Plano B Fernado Torres Fátima Torres Sobre este EP: A performance que resultou no EP PDO 3 é res...
Keywords: music; plano b; pure data; musical improvisation
Downloads: 23
[audio]noisecast Robodrummer - Luke Noonan
This is a recording of an improvising percussion patch I built. It is designed to keep time while also listening to the other performers (to a limited extent) and to improvise when the time is right(basically when everything else is fairly regular.) In this recording it starts out playing the infamous Amen Break (part of it) and then starts to improvise on its own. for more information
Keywords: drummer; improvise; Pure Data; noisecast; FECR
Downloads: 57
[movies]servando-pdcon2011 - giuliano obici
photos and video with Servando in PDCON 2011 Weimar-Berlin
Keywords: pdcon 2011; instalation; pure data; weimar; berlin
Downloads: 11
[audio]salome lego playset \ canneti presbiteriani
salome lp
Keywords: salome lego playset; drone; pure data; nulla
Downloads: 118
[audio]kuzolv - kustota
recorded in 2010.
Keywords: 2010; acoustic guitar; pure data; field recordings
Downloads: 26
[audio]FM Korea - Mik Prims
Modulated Korean Frequencies
Keywords: fm; pure data; korean; mik prims; slabak
Downloads: 100
[movies]Live At LAC 2008-02-29 Internal - ClaudiusMaximus
Live performance at the Linux Audio Conference Club Night 2008-02-29. This is a re-rendering of the user interface manipulations and sound. "ClaudiusMaximus of GOTO10 took seat to push the keys more comfortably to create a driving proli-rhythmic techhouse set." -- LAC blog at
Keywords: Music; Visuals; Linux; Pure-data; Techno
Downloads: 321 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]binary_Music - Seed.s
Electronic music made with customly created software (BinDATAPlayer) . The pattern and structure of each track is created by the internal binary data of loaded digital files such as roms, source code scripts, jpgs and so forth. Different filters are applied for various tracks to allow for exploration of this technique. The software is free for use/deconstruction from:
Keywords: pure data; noise; data; binary; PD
Downloads: 452
[movies]Live At LAC 2008-02-29 (External) - ClaudiusMaximus
Live performance at the Linux Audio Conference Club Night 2008-02-29. This is a re-rendering of the projected visuals and sound. "ClaudiusMaximus of GOTO10 took seat to push the keys more comfortably to create a driving proli-rhythmic techhouse set." -- LAC blog at
Keywords: Music; Visuals; Linux; Pure-data; Techno
Downloads: 321
[movies]Live At The Dukes 2007-06-28 - ClaudiusMaximus
d0->d1->d2->d3->d4 live improvised techno performance at The Dukes, Lancaster. Part of an evening of digital sound art organised by Folly in conjunction with GOTO10.
Keywords: Pure-data; Music; Improv; Techno; Visuals; Tesseract
Downloads: 357
[audio]cotton velvet leather - martin brinkmann
experimental ambient/downtempo tracks, heavily based on sample/loop mangling
Keywords: experimental; glitch; ambient; electronica; clicks; pure data
Downloads: 309
[audio]brains are overrated - martin brinkmann
experimental ambient/downtempo as usual, with a little excursion into the reamls of polyrhythm, atonality and 'classic electronica'
Keywords: electronica; ambient; experimental; atonal; clicks; pure data
Downloads: 397
[movies]Live At Shunt 2007-06-22 - ClaudiusMaximus
d0->d1->d2->d3->d4 live audio-visual improvised techno performance in the vaults of Shunt underneath London Bridge Station.
Keywords: Pure-data; Music; Improv; Techno; Visuals; Tesseract
Downloads: 577
[audio]fragile-ep - martin brinkmann
fragile (or already broken) ambient/downtempo tracks from 2009. made with puredata as usual.
Keywords: electronica; ambient; experimental; clicks; pure data
Downloads: 230
[audio]Cathedral Algorithms - ClaudiusMaximus
A short ambient drone noise piece as generated live at noise=noise The Basement Series #3 on Wednesday 19th August 2009, at The Foundry, London UK (now closed, blame capitalism).Swirling organs beat and recyle, interweaving strange harmonies heading towards the inevitable.
Keywords: Generative; Ambient; Drone; Noise; Pure-data
Downloads: 512
[movies]Polizeitgeist (Extended Unedit) - ClaudiusMaximus
Techno audio+video made with Pd ( ) and GridFlow ( ). A purely digital recording of this solo jam session was edited to form a track on Tribute To John Peel Session #5 ( ). Technical details: Jam session recorded from laptop TV out and headphone out to PAL VHS video cassette tape, then digitized with a DVD recorder in HQ mode (1hr=4GB)...
Keywords: techno; live; unedited; pure-data; gridflow
Downloads: 415 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]II (WTLOTLPTOTG) - ClaudiusMaximus
aka: Interstellar Interference (Would The Last One To Leave Please Turn Off The Gravity). A simulation of several point masses, which exert gravitational forces upon each other. Visualized with spheres representing the masses, with swooshing vapour trails generated by OpenGL texture feedback. Sonified by each mass making a noise, the sound from each of each pair of masses is ring modulated, with the contribution to the overall audio determined by the distance between those two masses...
Keywords: Abstract; Computer Generated; Music; Pure-data
Downloads: 332
[movies]Fractal Juggling v0.3 - ClaudiusMaximus
More fractal juggling synced to generative techno, made with Pd, Gem (lightly patched to support arrays of uniforms), Lua, and GLSL fragment shader. source code
Keywords: Fractal; Juggling; Techno; Music; Video; Pure-data
Downloads: 151
[audio]Noish_Bird_Like_Object - Noish
BIRD LIKE OBJECT I by Oscar Martin [NOISH] Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Programmed, recorded at txukrut studio Edited and master at Phonos Foundation's studio Barcelona 2013 BIRD LIKE OBJECT is a series of 5 experimental audio works based on the sound exploration of the "boids algorithm". The five piecess are produced and composed for four audio channel system but also have been mixed in binaural stereo version...
Keywords: noish; oscar martn; uzusounds; pure data; experimental
Downloads: 110
[texts]SInCoPA - Cristiano Figueiró
SInCoPA - Sistema Interativo de Composição, Performance e Análise - Técnicas, Reflexões e Poéticas Cristiano Severo Figueiró Tese apresentada ao Programa de Pós-graduacao em Música, da Escola de Música, Universidade Federal da Bahia, como requisito parcial para obtenção do grau de Doutor em Música.
Keywords: musica interativa; cristiano figueiró; pure data
Downloads: 178
[movies]laoreet - bololipsum
This is the first music video of bololipsum
Keywords: music circuit-bending chiptune diy pure-data
Downloads: 46
[audio]ClaudiusMaximus - Live At OpenLab3 2006-11-04 - ClaudiusMaximus
Live techno made with Pure-data. OpenLab provides a meeting place for London based artists who use and develop open source software as their creative tool. OpenLab3 is an art exhibition and will also feature musical performances for its opening and closing events.
Keywords: Techno; Pure-data; OpenLab; OpenLab3
Downloads: 253
[audio]Raw field recordings I : Habitacion en Buenos Aires - Christian Galarreta
Christian Galarreta Raw field recordings I : Habitacion en Buenos Aires 01 Hbtcn Bs As (tubo de ventilacion) 02 Pavimentacion a orillas del Parana 03 Voz terminal y bus 04 Metros aires 05 Espacio sonoro autogenerado (live impro con track 04 en PD patch) This is the first volume of a series called "Raw Field Recordings".The sonorous saturations and effects were caused by the acoustic caracteristics of the spaces I found and the microphoning method I used when I was making these field recordings b...
Keywords: chrs galarreta, field recording, uzusounds, pure data
Downloads: 135
[audio]focus - vciuyn
“ An artist can only produce pure art when the expectations and influences of the outside world are not taken into consideration ”.N. SenadaTheory of Obscurity
Keywords: minimal; electronic; glitch; pure data; raster-noton
Downloads: 23
[audio]derives - luc kerleo
singing artifacts
Keywords: electronic; sound art; ambient; visual arts; conceptual; max; pure data
Downloads: 256
[audio]ACT_fest2009_20091006 -
Razgovor s Teom Petricevicem, voditeljem cakocecke udruge ACT i organizatorom ovogodisnjeg ACT festivala.
Keywords: sektor3; ACT; festival; mladi; noise; glitch; sloboda; pure data
Downloads: 11
[audio]6oscillators - _blank
Experimental composition created playing with six oscillators in Pure Data.
Keywords: experimental; pure data; noise; controlled frecuencies; electronic; oscillators
Downloads: 256
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